Smooth vocals, pretty melodies and driving rhythms provide the perfect blend to feature virtuoso steel pan artist, Alan Lightner in Pan Dulce. This high energy multi-talented ensemble plays music that grooves, soothes and moves. Whether they are performing a Bob Marley classic from Jamaica, a Mighty Sparrow jam from Trinidad or an r&b infused original - this band will grab you.


Pan Dulce is a five piece band which includes vocals, steel pans, guitar, bass, percussion and drums. The basic unit can be broken down all the way to a solo act and augmented all the way to a fifteen piece ensemble which includes horns and dancers.


 P   a   r   t   y   t   r   a   c   k   s


                               Artist:  Pan Dulce 
                                 Song:  "Give 'im up"
                                 Album:  !Pan Dulce!
                                               Composer:  alan mark lightner




                                                        Artist:  Pan Dulce

                                                        Song:  "Back Home"

                                                        Album:  !Pan Dulce!

                                                        Composer:  alan mark lightner



                                                Artist: Alan Lightner (solo/duo)
                              Song:  "One Way"
                        Album:  Demo

                                   Composer:  Al Jareau 



                                                Artist:  Alan Lightner (solo/duo)
                            Song: "Stir It Up"
                         Album:  Demo.
                                     Composer:  Bob Marley



                                                Artist:  Alan Lightner (solo/duo)
                                    Song:  "Pan Progress"
                         Album:  Demo.
                                                   Composer:  Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe

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(626) 893~8177







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